Meet Tay


Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Jo Bergquist. I’m from a small town in the land of 10,000 lakes. I graduated high school, went on to college, studied Accounting, racked up student loans, and then realized that my soul and spirit were not destined to punch numbers for the rest of my life!

Since then, my world has gone through so many changes. I’ve spent the last few years with my boyfriend, Jordan. Together we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Emma, into the world.

I had a long-term job in the corporate world, and when I was laid off, I moved to the small business world.

Among countless other changes, it’s easy to say that life has be chaotic and with all the change, it’s sparked so many new things inside my mind that I want to start exploring.

I’ve started a journey to live a better, happier, healthier life. One of those goals is this very blog; I’ve wanted to start a blog for a very long time. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and for better or for worse, I’ve been through a lot of different life situations.

For now, I suppose you could consider this my online journal. Hopefully in the future, it can be used to advise, inspire, entertain (whatever!) even just one reader.

Happy Living!